Friday, June 6, 2014

Book Review- The Princess Bride

I grew up loving the movie, never knowing that a book existed until only a couple years ago and now, finally, I've read it! First off, while the book was great, the movie is just undeniably better! It smooths out the story and makes it even better. While reading the book, I was impressed with how similar many of the lines were from the book to the movie. All of the great lines we love to quote from the movie were in the book, still inducing a smile from me even though it was the hundredth time. The characters were slightly different and the story ran somewhat differently from the movie but not too far off. What I found interesting was how the rhyming that is so much fun in the movie plays out differently in the book. In the book, Fezzik loves to rhyme things because he likes how it sounds so him and Inigo rhyme stuff together randomly, sometimes to help them through tense situations. To my disappointment, the whole rhyming sequence from the movie isn't in the book.
I also really loved the style in which the books was written. The author writes it like he is editing a book already written that his father used to read to him as a child but actually, there never was any other book and the author is just having fun. Goldman writes quirkily and sarcastically and I love it! It's an odd style in some ways but one that I enjoy.
Overall, I recommend the book whether you're a fan of the movie or not. :)

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