Saturday, June 7, 2014

Piggy Peeps Post #2

I told y'all that we would be starting work this past Monday but then we had some issues with the housing situation and as it was just too far to drive and be worth it we decided to hold off till the next week to start. However, we ended up being able getting a ride from someone else Wednesday and Thursday so were able to go up to the pig farm and see just what we had gotten ourselves into! Let's just say it was an experience... an adventure! :) I don't know if I would say I enjoyed it but I don't know if I would say I didn't enjoy it. I am a little disappointed I didn't get to do any pig midwifery yet but hopefully coming soon. :) What did I get to do? Read on!
The first day we got to give some Oxytocin shots to the sows that had just delivered and then we gave some "newborn" shots to their piglets. This was a pretty good warm up for me as I've given plenty of shots in nursing. Then after lunch though (and thank goodness it was after lunch) we got to process pigs, which involves giving piglets iron and antibiotic shots, cutting off their tails and then for the males castrating them. When it was casually mentioned to us that castrating pigs might be part of the job, my cousin and I didn't envision ourselves doing it our first day of work, or with so little training, or actually really at all. We sort of envisioned it being done by someone else. They expect us to castrate pigs? Nah! Someone else must do that... We wish. Let's just say we now both wish all pigs to be female. :)
Overall I think my cousin and I are enjoying it. By the second day we were able to laugh about it and I think that is a good sign. :) We'll be starting full time next week so we'll see how that goes! I'm sure the adventure will continue and will be quite the experience!
P.S. WiFi connection is pretty much nonexistent out in the boonies so I don't know what my blog posts are going to look like. I'm lucky if I can make a phone call.

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