Saturday, April 13, 2013

The Lizzy Bennet Diaries

Starting about Spring Break, I began watching a YouTube series of a modern day interpretation of Pride and Prejudice called The Lizzy Bennett Diaries. I finally finished it the other day... all one hundred episodes. I have a lot of thoughts on these so here they are.
First off, I thought the writers executed the story really well. It was really clever how they brought the story about it modern times, though granted I didn't always like how they did that.
Secondly, the acting, I thought, was really good. Every character was played incredibly well. I would say they are just like I imagined them in the book, but still they are slightly different, being modernized. Mr. Collins, I felt, was done especially well. Mary and Kitty Bennett were done differently; Mary was their cousin and only appeared in one episode and Kitty was her cat. Lydia was one of my personal favorite slight changes that they made. Yes she was still awful, but there was a redemptive side to the story with her as well, which I appreciated. However, Lydia did contribute more of the inappropriate content, which I will mention later.
One of my more major disappointments with this was that it didn't portray the close father-daughter relationship that Lizzy and her father had. However, with it focusing more on the relationships between the sisters, it might not have worked well into the story. Still though, that's one of my favorite parts of Pride and Prejudice.
Part way through the series, Lydia starts making her own videos too, which I only watched about half of them as they were needed to understand the story. Gigi (Georgiana Darcy) also had some videos too, which went along with the story. I didn't watch hers but just picked up what happened in them form the comments section.
This series is definitely PG-13. It deals with more mature themes and there are things that are said, mainly by Lydia, that just aren't appropriate for younger children. There is also bad language every once and awhile. I don't want to give away exactly how it ends but I was slightly unsure about how I liked it. You would have to see it to understand. There are some morality issues I take with it also. I suppose for those of you who watch TV shows like Psych, I would say it has along those morality issues and language issues. However, nothing bad is shown. Also, one of the minor characters is gay but that isn't a major part of the story and you could almost miss it being mentioned. I almost forgot to mention it actually.
I did like it, but I did have a fair number of problems with it. So I recommend it cautiously. If you have seen it I would really like to hear your thoughts on it as I am still developing mine.

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