Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Movie Review- Persuasion (2007)

Another review for a Jane Austen novel movie adaptation I watched recently.
To begin with, this movie was pretty decent but I still prefer the 1995 version. The casting was pretty good. I liked the Anne Elliot, once I got used to her. Her sister Mary I thought was played well... she was really annoying. However, I thought she was too pretty... Mary is suppose to be the plainer of the three sisters. I actually think I might like the Captain Wentworth in this version better. I just thought he was handsomer and so I could better understand while all of the girls fell for him. I honestly thought that the story was told just about as well as in the 1995 version.
But now my major complaint with the movie. I really disliked the end... it is super rushed and the movie has Anne running all over Bath wrapping things up. Completely uncharacteristic of her and of the time period and I think completely unnecessary. My two minor complaints are that her friend Miss Smith isn't lame in this movie and that a line that Anne thinks in the book she speaks in this movie... and it was to her father and it was kind of disrespectful... which is why she didn't say it in the book.
Besides that, I think this is an okay version and I was pleasantly pleased.

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