Friday, September 28, 2012

Lazy Part 2

After writing my last post (Lazy) I thought a lot more about what I wrote and also saw some more examples of the laziness of today's society.  Thus, part 2.
One of my thoughts has been about how low standards have become for many things, but especially with school.  Not much is expected from students, I have found, but if it is, those students expect that you REALLY don't expect them to get it done.  Like showing up to class, reading the textbook, or taking notes, or not having your highest expectations for the class just passing... meaning a C (and yes, I have talked to students who have said that).  Before class the other day I heard behind me a student complaining to another student about how her teacher had assigned her class this homework and how she just couldn't believe that her teacher had assigned them all of that homework (and it was NOT that much).  It was as if she was complaining about her teacher expecting them to do WORK.  To this student: I don't know if you if you know this, but work is part of college.  Honestly, I am at a community college where everything is a lot easier.  How would these students make it at university colleges?  Or do they ever even get there?
One out of four students in the U.S.A. failed to graduate from highschool in 2012.  I am sorry, but highschool cannot be that hard... especially with these lowered standards.  Something is going down hill and I am pretty sure it is the education system.  And I know what you're thinking, "But Lois, of course you say that because you were homeschooled so you're biased."  Yep, that's true, I was, and probably that is why I am saying that.  However, I have been able to experience both homeschool and public school (at the community college).  First off, I can readily assure you that from talking to students who went to public schools that more was expected of me in my homeschool than was expected from them, therefore, I worked harder.  I was pushed far harder than most students, which was how I got to where I am.  I have never called myself good at math but because my Dad kept me going I was able to get up to Calculus 1.  I think (and this is just my opinion), that public schools are just a pathway to being lazy.  And don't get me wrong, I have met many smart public schooled kids, but I have so many mediocre public schooled kids, and a sad amount of public schooled kids that were so ignorant that I was sincerely hoping that it was just a joke.  Those students from the last group are the ones who didn't know what extrovert meant and thought it was an insult because it was a big word, which it isn't even that big.
To all of you lazy students out there: Take your earphones out of your ears and put your cellphone away, you're in school, it's not time to be lazy, it's time to work.

Lois Johnson, avid writer, tea drinker, and reader but first and foremost, avid Christian.

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