Monday, May 21, 2012

Kids' Books and The Chronicles of Prydain

I am an unashamed re-reader of books that I read as a kid. There, its out.  Personally, I don't see why anyone thinks one shouldn't read those books just because now one is "grown up".  In part it is because I want to know what to give my future kids and also in part because those books are still just as good as they were when I was reading them for the first time ten or so years ago.  There is a reason some of those authors won awards... their books were good.

Anyways, I wanted to give that dissertation before writing what I set out to write this blog post on. :)

My little brother (one of the many) was talking to me about a series he was reading the other day that I had read when I was young (and have re-read far too many times to mention). As he got talking about them I decided I would really like to re-read them (again).  However, I don't know how many of y'all (my blog readers) have read them even thought I believe they are quite popular so I wanted to share about this fun series.  The Chronicals of Prydain are composed of five books: The Book of Three, The Black Cauldron, The Castle of Lyre, Taran Wanderer, and The High King.  They follow the adventures (and misadventures) of Taran who is an assistant pig keeper but a wannabe hero.  The chronicles are full of great characters including the strange creature Gurgi (who always wants "crunchings and muchings"), Fflweddur Fflam (who if he tells a lie or exaggerates one of his harp strings will break... they break a lot), and Eliowny (who has a fiery temper and whenever she unleashes it on Taran she declares "Taran, I'm not talking to you ever again).  The young AND the old will enjoy these engaging stories and you may find yourself smiling and realizing that you may just be like Taran... a wannabe hero.

Lois Johnson, avid writer, tea drinker, and reader but first and foremost, avid Christian.

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