Tuesday, August 28, 2018


At some point reality has to set in and I think it's finally set in for me. Back in 2014 I set up my Classics Club list and made a goal to finish my list of books by January 2019. Due to some lazy reading, pregnancy and baby I've fallen behind enough so that I just am not going to make that goal. 2020 is a nice even number though right? So my new goal for my Classics Club is January 2020. I've realized recently that I have gotten so bogged down in my Classics Club list that I haven't been taking the time to enjoy some lighter reads. Just last week I sat down and re-read The Blue Castle for my book club and it was such a wonderful reading experience. I think I need to have more reading times like that. If I read one chunky classic after another of course I'm not going to want to read as much. I need breaks. I still love my classics and I always will but just reading classics isn't healthy. I want to enjoy reading again.

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  1. Nice to see you back again Lois. It's a lovely picture of your daughter - she obviously takes after her mother in enjoying reading!

  2. So true! Classics can be great, but a steady diet of them is not conducive to a super healthy reading lifestyle. ;-P

    Such a precious picture of baby!! :D

    Hope you're doing well. <3

    (P.S. I'm a little relieved because when I saw the title of this post and the first little bit of the post itself I thought you were going to announce that you're leaving the blogosphere! Whew! *wipes brow*)

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