Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Top Ten Favorite TV Shows

Today for Top Ten Tuesday you can chose your top ten favorites of a non book story like movies or TV shows. Since my top the favorite movies would be way to hard of a list to write, I'm going with my top ten favorite TV shows because I watch less of those. :) These aren't in any particular order except of course Doctor Who is my favorite. :) Enjoy.

  1. Numer one is definitely Doctor Who. Even though I only started watching it last fall it has quickly become my favorite. You can read about my love of all things Doctor Who here
  2. Monk 
  3. Psych 
  4. The Adventures of Merlin
  5. Human Target
  6. The Andy Griffith Show
  7. Castle
  8. Foyle's War
  9. Sherlock
  10. Call the Midwife and Stargate Atlantis- I'm putting these at the end because to be fair I haven't finished these. I'm part way through the first season of Stargate Atlantis and I only ever watched the first episode of Call the Midwife, which I loved! Hopefully I'll finish these up soon. 

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  1. Great list! I think the same thing more or less happened to me with Doctor Who; dunno why it took me forever to get around to it, but when I did, it was just <3

    My TTT

  2. WOW! I just saw your blog from your Clever Bunnies comment, and was just doing my usual quick found-a-new-blog perusing. :-) Clicked on the "TV Shows" tag and saw this! Realize it's a bit old, but guess you still see the comments, especially if you have to approve this first. :^)

    You seemed cool and interesting after reading Me, Myself, and I, but this post made me be like, "Coolest Christian blogger gal I've seen in a long time," hehe. I mean, I've seen people that liked Monk (like Clever Bunnies) and Psych, which already puts one pretty high on the "cool" list -- I'm a HUGE fan of both, and am basically like a combination of Shawn and Monk myself (among characters from other shows), LOL.

    But then you also included Human Target on your list? Amazing! Probably lucky we got 2 seasons, but I wanted it to continue. :-/ Guerrero, with the Cadillac, was my fave funny character on it.

    Checked out a bit of Castle when it was first on... Seemed interesting/quirky. (I usually prefer very serialized shows over "standalone" episodes, though Monk/Psych are an exception.) And I want to check out Sherlock sometime after hearing so much about it -- I've seen a little more than half of the first season of Elementary and liked it OK, just haven't gotten back to it... Seems weird to me how a show like Sherlock only has THREE episodes per season. *shrug* Maybe they're really long, like a movie...? Maybe it's all a British/BBC thing!

    Finally, I NEED to talk to someone about Doctor Who! :-) I see ALL these people talking about it, in the Christian girls blogosphere and elsewhere, but I totally don't "get it," like what all everything is, what it's about, and someone to push me to check it out. I'd e-mail you if you had some kind of Contact page (or maybe I'll come back and drop my addy here)... I've been wanting to e-mail some Whovian (did I get that right?) like the Bunnies for a while, but never get to it...

    OK, so that paragraph wasn't "finally." It's sort of... amazingly, old-fashioned-ly "cute" :-) the way you talk about the shows in this post and the other one. I didn't think I had anything to recommend (or wouldn't be sure about it), but just thought of one. ALIAS was amazing, at least the first 2 seasons. I guess the content is in line with these others we've seen... If you ever check it out, it's better if you don't read too much (or anything) about it first. (Highly serialized to be watched in order; mini-movies; most episodes cliffhangers.) Lots of cool music (unless not your taste), and I used to say that it would make you laugh, maybe cry, and ultimately leave you breathless* (slight exaggeration?). I wish I could watch again not knowing anything. The pilot episode is amazing setting things up very well. I find the 3-4 episodes after that a bit "plain"/standalone until things really start to pick up and get more Alias-y. :^) Then it's hard to not want to check the next episode when they end with a cliffhanger, but I'd want to "savor" each episode and not binge through them...

    *There is an infamous episode in the middle of season 2 called "Phase One," where I literally almost couldn't breathe at the end when I realized what was happening.

    In Alias, I'm definitely like Marshall (so between him, Shawn Spencer, and Monk, there's ME), haha.

    Well, nice to "meet" you Lois! Though I don't really read books (besides an occasional technical one), nor drink tea or coffee :-P, I did some homeschool (for high school) like a lot of the other bloggers I see. Your description is much like mine, and talking a mile a minute is definitely too slow, LOL!

    God bless!

  3. Lol... Yes Whovians. :)
    I'm pretty sure my parents watched Alias and liked it so I guess I'll have to be adding it to my ever growing list of TV shows to watch. I used to have a "contact me" page but I kept getting spam so I got rid of it.
    If you promise not to spam me ;) you can email me about Doctor Who at ljohnson21@butlercc.edu
    Thanks for stopping by and leaving such an awesomely long comment! I see we have a lot in common. :)

  4. Hey, thanks for your address. :-) I saw your reply Sunday night and figured I'd just e-mail yesterday instead of commenting, but didn't get to it! (I am probably the worst messenger in the world, FYI. :-/) Now I HAVE to comment on your new post, so am commenting back here first since I haven't e-mailed yet, haha.

    Really neat about Alias, if your parents watched, so glad I mentioned it!

    The e-mail stuff (and about spam) reminded me of the one Monk episode when he's doing something new with a computer/Internet/e-mail, and wish I could think of some quote from that episode, but not even sure which one it is, LOL. :-( .... Ahh, it looks like "Really, Really Dead Guy" from quick Googling.

    Or I could say, "I'm not a spammer," but that might make you think I am -- like when Monk told the border agent, "I'm not a drug dealer," while dressed like one, in the "Goes to Mexico" episode. :-) Most important lesson from that episode? "It's the drugs. It's always about the drugs." Or something like that, LOL. (OH, and all the bottled water at the end, and what he was saying to Sharona about something/someone being "crazy" after he was acting how he was. Maybe he wouldn't let her have a bottle of the water...?)

    I can quote it pretty well most of the time, even years after I've seen eps last... But I'll stop rambling now. ;-) And e-mail later!

    1. Your comment brings back fond memories of watching Monk! The drug one is hilarious and that cracked me up! :)


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