Thursday, January 31, 2013

Monthly Report Card- January 2013

Well January kind of just flew by.  Here is my report card for the month.  Enjoy!

Study for the TEAS test-B

I have been doing quite well for the second half of January but as for the first half it was kind of sad.  With my test date set for February 12th I'll have to get moving though.

Read or Re-Read at Least Five Books-B

I re-read the entire Lord of the Rings (including the appendices for certain picky people who said it didn't count unless I did). I count that as three separate books even though technically they aren't.  I also read P.G. Wodehouse's Ice in the Bedroom.  Making a total of four books.. just one off. :(

Do Plyometrics at least 3 times a week- D

This goal was only for the first two weeks of the month... I managed to do it only the first week.  The second week we always managed to have an excuse so it didn't get done. :( I give myself a D even though I only did it one week because the first week I did it four times.  

Take one walk per week- F

I did that once...

Write at least three more blog posts this month- A+

As you all will have noticed I wrote 5 more blog posts. Sadly though, that's my only A. :(

Total GPA- 2.2 with a C+
Overall I had a pretty lousy month for grades.  Even though I was trying for simplicity somehow it didn't help too much.  However, I did have a lot of fun this month so I don't have too many regrets. :)

Inspired by Kelli at She Learns as She Goes

Lois Johnson, avid writer, tea drinker, and reader but first and foremost, avid Christian.


  1. Some months it can be tough to make the time to accomplish all your goals. Glad you had a lot of fun this month, anyway. :)


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