Thursday, January 3, 2013

Movies of 2012

Plenty of new movies came out last year and some of them were decent enough that I could watch them.   These would include The Avengers, Mirror Mirror, Snow White and the Huntsman, The Amazing Spiderman, Brave, John Carter and The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey.  I was actually surprised at how many new movies I ended up watching this year.  Normally the movies are so bad that I only end up watching one or two.  There were only two I watched in theaters (The Hobbit and The Avengers) and the others I waited to watch at home.  So here are just a few thoughts on each of these movies.


The Avengers

I really enjoyed this superhero movie.  I have never been much into superhero films, only having seen up to that point the three spiderman movies. However, after watching The Avengers, I went backwards and watched Thor (which was okay but not really that great), and Captain America (which I enjoyed almost as much as The Avengers).  I liked The Avengers for its action, which wasn't too gory, hilarious lines, and good story plot.  There was really little objectionable about the movie, just a few bad words and some slightly too tight clothing on Black Widow.

Mirror, Mirror

I watched the trailer for this and thought it would be funny.  After looking it up to make sure there wasn't anything too objectionable in it I asked my Dad and he said it was okay.  Unfortunately I made the error of watching it with my little sister.  I wasn't too impressed with this movie and really I could have just stuck with the trailer and the funny lines and never watched the movie.  There were too many shots of shirtless guys and too much emphasis put on them.  It presumably was suppose to be funny but I just found it annoying and in very poor taste.  The likeliness of me watching this again is slim.

Snow White and the Huntsman

I had lower expectations of this movie than I did of Mirror, Mirror going into it but I actually it enjoyed it more out of the two movies.  Yes, despite Kristen Stewart, the movie actually was good. I felt that the story line was good and it was a really rather interesting twist on the original Snow White story.  However, even if as I said despite Kristen Stewart the movie was actually good, because of her it wasn't great.  She is an entirely emotionless actress that you just really couldn't bring yourself to really care for throughout the movie.  Another thing I didn't like about it was their shots of the queen mostly undressed (though nothing really bad was shown).  All in all though I thought it was a good movie and I plan to watch it again.  My dad liked it as well, which is always a good sign. :)

The Amazing Spiderman

As I said before, I had already seen the other three Spiderman movies and enjoyed them more or less.  I went into this movie with fairly high expectations but came out disappointed.  I didn't feel like the story telling was as good as the original trilogies, I felt like Peter was far more immature than the other one and a little too full of himself as well.  Also, and this is just my opinion, but I think Spiderman took off his mask too much.  I didn't appreciate that he promises Gwen's dad as he is dying not to date her and then at the end of the movie you are given to understand that he is going to go ahead and do it anyways.  I felt that his uncle dying happened too fast for us to really get attached to him and the fact that Peter didn't stop the robber because of something so dumb as not having enough money to buy his stupid milk was just ridiculous and again, immature.  I liked that it was closer to the original comic strip story line. All in all I enjoyed it well enough and I will probably watch it again sometime.  However, I like the original trilogy better and don't see why they had to remake it, especially so soon afterwards.


This one I ended up watching by accident because a cousin was watching it over Christmas.  My brother had seen it in theaters and had given me his thoughts on it and I had decided I wasn't really interested in watching it.  As it was, I am glad that I watched it but it still was a disappointing movie.  I felt the story was pretty good but if they had just left out all of the crude things it could have been a decent movie.  For Pixar, this was a level down.

John Carter

I was looking forward to this movie and had high expectations for it due to a review I had read of it.  While I did enjoy it and certainly didn't have as negative opinions of it as some people did, it was another disappointment.  The story line wasn't strong enough and the clothing of Deja (the heroine) just wasn't modest enough.

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

I already reviewed this film earlier but her are a few short thoughts anyways. Being a fan of the books and the LOTR movies, I was really looking forward to this film.  Thanks to my older brother, who was geeking out about it incessantly for the last two months, I got to hear about all of the possible turns the movie could take.  Let's just say I was thankful when we finally saw the movie and that was over.  Of course though I had to hear all about his opinion of the movie now that he had FINALLY seen it.  Anyways, I did love the movie a lot.  It was far above my expectations and I was wholly impressed.  Read my full review of it here that I posted earlier.

So these are all of the new movies of 2012 that I watched and my thoughts on them.  One I haven't watched yet that I would like to is Wreck it Ralph, but that will have to be sometime in the future.  Overall there were some disappointments, a few okay ones, and a couple great ones.  Not a bad year considering normally, as I said before, I don't see but a couple new movies.

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  1. Was Snow White and the Huntsman a gory movie?

  2. It was somewhat gory. However, no decapitations.

  3. Would I be able to handle it?

  4. I think so. It was a while back so I am trying to remember. I went and looked at Kids in Mind to refresh my memory and there wasn't anything horrible. Typical battle sequences. Not as gory as LOTR though.


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