Monday, December 3, 2012

Monthly Resolutions- December 2012

For some months now I have been following the blog She Learns as She Goes Every month Kelli, the blog's writer, posts her monthly resolutions and invites everyone else to as well.  Well THIS month I am going to do it too.

Get all A's in my classes

I know that sounds really immature and braggy, but that is still honestly one of my goals for this month.  I have worked hard and stayed strong throughout this semester and I just want to finish that way.

Have a cheerful personality at all times

Those who know would probably say that I am a very cheerful person.  However, my family members know that I can be moody at times, especially when stressed out.  With finals coming up I will most definitely be overly stressed out.  With the holidays and being around tons of people, I will need to remember to keep a cheerful personality because sometimes one person's mood can set the tone for the rest of the gathering.

Clean out and clean up my desk

This I will do when I am finished with my classes. I will need to go through all of my papers from this past semester and throw out whatever I need to and file whatever I feel I need to keep (which hopefully isn't much).

Start Studying for the TEAS test

The TEAS test is the entrance exam for nursing school.  I want to get it done early in the semester so I'll have it done and out of the way.  Therefore, I'll need to start studying early.  I'll probably cram most of my studying into January but I want to get at least some into December.  

Read or re-read at least ten books 

I have been woefully lacking in my reading life this past semester with being so busy with school.  I have done my best with re-reading a few books (since that didn't take as much concentration) but I have been dying to read more.  Books that are on my list to read include The Silmarillion (finally), Innocence of Father Brown, Gods and Generals and Far From the Madding Crowd,   Books I want to re-read include The Lord of the Rings, Alice in Wonderland, Through the Looking Glass and Swiss Family Robinson.  Some more serious literature that I want to read includes Douglass Wilson's Letter from a Christian Citizen, The Deluded Athiest, and God Is.  I also want to re-read R.C. Sproul's Chosen by God.  There are so many other books that I really want to read or re-read but those are the ones that are at the top of my list.  We'll see how I do.  I might end up being an overachiever, or I might end up being an underachiever.  Hopefully not the latter.

Spend the time I have with my family

I am very good at sitting in my room with my precious laptop and I need to get out of there more.  Once school is over, this not only will be possible, it will probably be unavoidable. :) However, this goal does not contradict goals three or five.  I'll just need to work those into this goal.  If I am going to be sitting in my room, I had better be reading or cleaning up my desk, if not, to quote Blimey Cow, I'm doing it wrong.  I hope to spend more time especially with my older sister as during the school year we pretty much only see each other on the weekends as I am gone during the day at school and she is gone in the evening for work.  

Serve my family

Because I am gone most of the time during the week at school, I often don't get my chores done around the house.  So since I am will be home all of the time soon, I want to take the time to get all of my chores done, no excuses!  If there are other ways in which I can help that pop up, I want to cheerfully (This goes with goal number two) volunteer.  This could include making more meals for the family, helping my younger siblings with their school, or taking on some extra projects around the house.

Take at least two walks per week

Again, school has kept me at bay from this pastime.  Once school is gone and past, I can hopefully take some good walks so I won't be the worst skier on the slope when my family goes skiing in January.  Walking is just about my favorite form of exercise (passed only by contra dancing) and with this additional time, I hope to take some nice long hikes.  

Eat Healthy

That's broad, I know but the way I am going right now I am going to be broad. :)  Not saying I eat horribly, but I don't eat super well either.  I have cut a lot of the usual suspects out of my diet but I need to be more careful yet.  Pretty much I want to be careful to not eat too many sweets over the holidays.  I also want to be careful with snacks.  Since I won't be at school pretty soon, I won't be drinking all that coffee with all the cream and sugar so that should help some.

Write at least three more blog posts this month

Minuscule amount I know, but if you follow my blog, you know how hit and miss I have been recently with school taking its toll on me.  Hopefully I will write more, and most definitely hopefully I won't write less. :)

So that's all my resolutions for this month.  I had a little trouble thinking up some at first but then they came pretty fast.  Probably I'll think up some more halfway through the month so I'll just throw them into January or something like that. :) I just hope I can keep up with those that I've made.  As Kelli does, I'll try and post a mid-month "progress report" to see how I'm doing and at the end of the month I'll post a "report card".  This is my first time so cut me a little slack, not too much now, just a little. :)

Lois Johnson, avid writer, tea drinker, and reader but first and foremost, avid Christian.


  1. Sounds like some great goals!

  2. First of all, I love your blog's name. So cute! Sounds like you have a lot of work to do this month to finish all of your goals. I thought I was crazy for making it a goal to read eight books in one month, and here you have ten!

    Hope you're able to achieve everything this month and still enjoy your Christmas.

  3. Thank you Ebeth and Kaylin. And Kaylin, after I posted this I thought to myself "Ten books? What was I thinking?" Especially as one of them is the hunking Lord of the Rings. :) We'll see how that goes.

  4. Goog goals Lois, I'm excited to see how this new adventure of monthly resolutions fairs for you. PS. I also love the name of your blog....maybe it is because I'm drinking tea right now!

    1. Thank you. Tea does inspire great thoughts. ;)

  5. Looks like you have a lot on your plate for this Christmas, good luck on all of your goals! :)


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