Sunday, December 16, 2012

Mid-Month Progress Report- December 2012

I can't believe we are already halfway through December!  The last couple weeks kind of flew by as I prepared for finals but now I am excited to say I am done with those!  So how am I doing so far this month for my resolutions?  Read on and find out!

Get all A's in my classes

Though I kind of sacrificed another of my goals (which I shall explain later) I was able to get all A's! My Spanish grade was cutting edge and as my teacher told me, I lucked out on my grade.  The rest though weren't near so close.  I feel so blessed to have made it through the semester and I think it might have been my busiest yet.  I am so grateful to have been surrounded by a great family who was patient with me more than I deserved and I am especially grateful for God blessing me with an amazing tutor for Microbiology.  I am really relieved to have this goal out of the way and done.  I guess this will be an "A" for sure on my report card. ;)

Have a cheerful personality at all times

This is the goal I ended up sacrificing for my A's, something I am disappointed I did.  As I said earlier, when stressed out, I can be very grouchy... and I was. :(  However, I still have the rest of the month to "boost my grade".

Clean out and clean up my desk

Done the day after my last final!  So proud of myself. :)  Another A completed ahead of time! :)

Start Studying for the TEAS test

Haven't started yet and we'll see if I do get any of that done before December is over.  This might end up being a bad grade if I'm not careful. :(

Read or Re-Read at least ten books

This is probably the goal I am enjoying the most but as to completing it, we'll see.  I have re-read Alice in Wonderland so far and in preperation for the movie to come out I also have read Cory Olsen's (also known as the Tolkien Professor) book Exploring J.R.R Tolkein's The Hobbit.  I enjoyed both of those books.  I am going to need to pick up the pace though if I hope to complete eight more books before the end of December.  Because of the minute amount of books I have already read, I am probably not going to be pursuing re-reading The Lord of the Rings or reading The Silmarillion until January as they are quite a bit longer books.  A friend suggested that I make January a J.R.R. Tolkien month and re-read The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings and then read The Silmarillion.  I think that is a fun idea and I will probably do that.  However, THAT is next month.  

Spend the time I have with my family

Now that school is over that is hopefully what I'll be doing.  However, I am super excited to announce that I will be going to Michigan after Christmas to spend time with my uncle, aunt, and my wonderfully crazy cousins.  So my time spent with my family might be cut a little short so I'll have to really milk the next couple weeks for all their worth. :) 

Serve my family

This is another goal that might be cut a little short with my going up to Michigan.  However, I am going to try and do my best to get my house looking great for the holiday.  I hope to also get some Christmas baking done.  Normally I am all over that but not this year so far. :(  There is a lot I can do to serve my family and I see it all happening this next week.  

Take at least two walks per week

I did it last week but lets just say that I haven't done it yet this week.  I need to get onto that!  The other night my mom and I did do our fifteen minute T-Tapp workout, which despite my not having done it in some months, I did great at!  I felt pretty good about that. :)

Eat Healthy

Let's just say I wasn't great, but I wasn't bad.  I needed that coffee to get me through finals week... actually that is probably true as I woke up at 4:00 one morning so I could put in some last minute studying before my microbiology test. However, I have been pretty good about sweets.  I weighed myself recently and I was rather happy about it, which is kind of sad as it wasn't anywhere near where I want to be with weight however it was also kind of good as I haven't gained any weight either.  I can look at it both ways.

Write at least three more blog posts this month

I didn't specify whether or not these posts about my resolutions counted but I was mentally thinking they didn't... so they don't!  However, if you have been keeping track of my blog, you'll have noticed that I have already posted two more blog posts this month so I only have one more to go!  I think this will be another A. :)

All in all, it looks like I'll have three A's and then some very shady grades after that.  Hopefully I'll come out with a good "GPA" though. ;)
By the way, what do you think of the new blog layout?  I am thinking a new blog layout every month will be fun just to change it up.  Love to hear you're thoughts so comment please! 

Lois Johnson, avid writer, tea drinker, and reader but first and foremost, avid Christian.


  1. I guess we aren't considered family....

    1. You aren't immediate family, which is what I was referring to. You guys know that you're just about as good as immediate family though and you are extended family whether I like it or not. :)

    2. Well, alright. You could count us as part of the family you mention in your resolutions, it would help boost your grades. :) I would love to spend time with you and I'm quite sure that no one would object to your doing your best to serve. ;)

  2. Love the new layout. Sounds like you're not doing too bad on your resolutions this month. :D

  3. I think the new layout looks really good!


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