Monday, November 21, 2011

Reflections on an Evening Well Spent

     Last evening my family sat down and watched a movie with popcorn and honey baked apples with custard sauce (I made them and they were delicous).  It was great just relaxing in this manner, especially with the great movie we were watching- Life With Father, which I highly reccomend.  I suppose that having your siblings quoting half the movie as it is playing can be quite annoying, but I also found it made it just that much better.  It made me remember why I loved that movie so much.  It also reminded me what those movie lines were from that I kept quoting, but couldn't recall the origin of.  That's what happens when you quote so many movie lines; they all get jumbled up.  Looking back on my evening spent with family and good food, I must say it is a wonderful precurser to the Christmas holiday.  With everyone in school at work it has been hard to pull us all together in one spot for a few minutes.  That taste of family togetherness was marvelous and I am hungry for more.  With the Christmas holiday looming on the horizon, I look forward to more family time spent eating Christmas goodies and watching old favorites. 
     What are you looking forward to with the Christmas holiday coming up?

Lois Johnson, avid writer, tea drinker, and reader but first and foremost, avid Christian.


  1. If there's one thing the church shouldn't mess with is a mans' soul!:)EBeth

  2. lol. :) Glad to see you are still alive and laughing. ;)

  3. Do you really think any one could kill me? EBeth

  4. Cute...small word.EBeth

  5. My word was better though. EBeth

  6. Humph is not a word. EBeth

  7. humph |həmf|
    used to express slightly scornful doubt or dissatisfaction.
    -From the dictionary so there! ;)

  8. Did you know that in some dictionaries ain't is counted as a word?EBeth


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