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Literal 24-Hour Six Day Creation

     I am a Christian, which you have probably noticed if you have read my blog at all.  I believe in a literal 24-hour six day creation and I am going to explain why.  In a later blog post I will try to take the time to explain why I believe in creation at all but for today I am going to focus on the controversies surrounding a literal six day creation.  I am not a scientist so my knowledge is stolen from multiple CMI (Creation Ministries International) and AIG (Answers In Genesis) videos and articles as well as from Apologetics Press's articles.  I will include the links to all of the articles I use at the bottom of this post and will put in quotations anything that is not in my own words.  I hope that as I am a non-scientist, my arguments will be clear to everyone.

     To begin with, why do theistic evolutionists even doubt the literal 24-hour six day creation account in Genesis 1?  According to an article posted on Creation Ministries International's website, "If people use Scripture to try to justify that the days of creation are long periods of time, they usually quote passages such as 2 Peter 3:8, ‘… one day is with the Lord as a thousand years …’. Because of this, they think the days could be a thousand years, or perhaps even millions of years. However, if you look at the rest of the verse, it says, ‘… and a thousand years as one day’. This cancels out their argument! The context of this passage concerns the Second Coming of the Lord Jesus Christ. This particular verse is telling people that with God, waiting a day is like waiting a thousand years, and waiting a thousand years is like waiting a day because God is outside of time—He is not limited by natural processes and time. This has absolutely nothing to do with defining the days of creation. There is no reference in this passage to the days of creation."

     Theistic evolutionists will make the claim that the 6 days of creation depicted in Genesis 1 were not literal 24-hour days.  However, there is a great deal of evidence that refutes this already rather far out claim.  "Yom", the Hebrew word used for day in the Bible, when used with a numeral in front of the word always means a literal 24-hour day.  In Genesis 1, there is ALWAYS a numeral in front of the word day.  Also as Apologetics Press says, "The words “evening” and “morning” are used together in the Old Testament with the word yom over 100 times in non-prophetic passages, and each time they refer to a 24-hour day. Furthermore, if the “days” of Genesis 1:14, were “eons of time,” then what were the years? And, if a “day” is an “age,” then what is a “night”?"  In Mark 10:6 and Matthew 19:4, Jesus teaches that God created them male and female from the beginning.  A non-literal 24-hour six day creation is also a scientific impossibility because, as Apologetics Press says, "...if the “days” of Genesis were not days at all, but long geological periods, then a problem of no little consequence arises in the field of botany. Plants came into existence on the third day (Genesis 1:9-13). If the days of Genesis 1 were long geological ages, how did plant life survive millions of years of total darkness? Also, how would the plants that depend on insects for pollination have survived the supposed millions or billions of years between “day” three and “day” five (when insects were created)."   Answers in Genesis, in an article on their website say, "... in Exodus 20:8–11 God commanded the Israelites to work six literal “days” and rest on the seventh because He created in six “days” (using the same Hebrew word)."  Again we see the impossibilities of theistic evolution being true. 

I will close with some words from Apologetics Press, "Finally, one must ask, if God wanted us to know that He created the world in six literal days, what words would He have used? Or if a person wanted to explain to someone else that God created all things in a literal six days, what words would he use? The answer?—the exact words used in Genesis 1."

If you have any questions about a literal 24-hour six day creation take a look at these great articles, which I posted the links to below and/or go to Creation Ministries International's, Answers in Genesis's, or Apologetic Press's websites for more such articles.  Hail to the King!

Lois Johnson, avid writer, tea drinker, and reader but first and foremost, avid Christian.

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