Sunday, November 20, 2011

For a Change... A Recipe!!!

I am sure you are all sick of my novelette, so I am going to post a recipe today instead. (Don't tell anyone but the real reason why I am doing this is because I ran out of time to write more on the novelette.) 

The recipe is for peanut butter cookies. It is really easy and quite helpful when you have to make something last minute.  One of its bonus features is its small number of ingredients.  So anyways, here is the recipe and enjoy!!!

Peanut Butter Cookies
1. One egg
2. One cup of peanut butter (crunchy or creamy it doesn't matter)
3. One cup of sugar
Beat egg and then add peanut butter and sugar.  Mix and then drop onto greased pan. Back at 350˚ for 10-12 minutes.  Let set on the pan a couple minutes before taking off so they don't go SPLAT. ;)  Then you may eat them. :)
Makes: 30 Cookies

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