Saturday, September 30, 2017

The Bookshelf Project

Even before we were married I knew Brian and I were going to need new bookshelves to accommodate both of ours growing library. It took us almost three months but we finally got them! Brian put them together and I worked on cataloging all of our books. I already had a system but I decided to put my database online and then go ahead and add Brian's book to my catalog as well.
While I have a stronger fiction than non-fiction selection, Brian definitely has a stronger non-fiction selection. Mostly his library consists of theology but he also has lots of philosophy, politics and science books with a healthy dose of nerd books. He has a Klingon Dictionary!!! Why would you need that?!?!?!?! Never mind my Tolkien Dictionary.
It was a lot of fun to catalog and sort the books though. I love books. It was a lot of work too and I got burnt out way faster than Brian did. Pulling out of my books out of their boxes and sorting them out took forever and at that point putting them on shelves seemed like an unnecessary step. ;) Brian persevered though thankfully and all of the books ended up on the shelves. I anticipated our books combined filling our new bookshelves plus our old ones. Actually though the books only filled the new bookshelves and one more. Which makes me excited that I have room to buy more books!!!!! As my mom reminded me though.... fill them wisely. The bookshelves we have left though are mostly half bookshelves with cupboard space in the other half so we don't have tons of room left. But still.... room for more. :)
And here's some pictures of our bookshelf project.

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  1. Now that is a seriously impressive sight of books!! :D

  2. WOW! Very nice bookshelves. I definitely own the vast majority of fiction in this marriage, and my husband has way more non-fiction than I do. Though he doesn't own a Klingon dictionary, alas.

  3. What a big, fun task! Your bookshelves are beautiful. What better way to decorate than with books?


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