Thursday, July 27, 2017

Two Month Anniversary- More Wedding Pictures!

Is this a kissing post? Yes, yes it is.
It's Brian's and my two month anniversary today and I thought I 'd celebrate by giving y'all some more of our wedding pictures. I'm including a few others that I've already posted here just because they go with the story of our wedding so well. I know I also haven't talked a lot about what my wedding entailed so I am going to do that here too.
My initial idea, even before I was engaged, was to have a tea and book themed wedding. That really shouldn't surprise my blog readers. It only expanded from there. Originally I even wanted to make our bouquets out of book pages but thankfully I abandoned that idea early on... though we still utilized flowers made from book pages in some of the decorations.  So all of the tables at the reception were decorated with old books from either my library or my parents and then tea things... most of those I borrowed but some of those were mine as well. We also used some scrabble tiles and the aforementioned flowers made from book pages. And to be fair, we didn't actually rip up books, I printed off several of my favorite quotes on paper and then tea stained them and used those. I also used hymn pages and maps of Middle Earth printed off from the internet. I also utilized my grandma's old typewriter.

Not surprisingly that was the part of the wedding I was most excited about. Then there other minor details.
  • Securing the date at my church
  • Caterer or not?
  • The cake
  • Photographer
  • Musician
  • My wedding dress
  • My bridesmaids' dresses
As I said... minor details.
I got engaged in January and at Thanksgiving I had already been thinking about wearing my grandmother's wedding dress. I had recently lost some weight and the possibility of me actually fitting into it was there... my grandma was TINY!!! Once I got engaged I pulled it out of the box to try on. It was still too small! Thankfully I found an incredible seamstress who was able to alter it for me and then the dry cleaners did great job making it white and like new. A friend made my veil from a broach of my grandma's. It's not the style of veil my grandma wore but it was the style I preferred. After shuffling through several ideas I came up with bridesmaid dresses that suited everyone and were inexpensive (Amazon people!). From there I added hats and gloves. 

The photographer and musicians were friends from church and did an incredible job! You can see from the pictures how great of a job the photographer did. The musicians were the ones though that really made my dreams come true. It has been my dream for several years to walk up the aisle to the beautiful romantic music from the period drama Lorna Doone. I had never been able to find sheet music for it. I suggested it to my musicians anyways, hoping for a miracle. They made it happen! One of the musicians listed to it and put to music by ear!!!! It worked so perfectly and was exactly how I dreamed! Then they played the Pride and Prejudice (1995 obviously) theme music when we walked down the aisle... which was something they had done before at wedding but still it was absolutely perfect and a dream come true once again! 
We did end up deciding to cater last minute since it seemed like it was going to be too much work for us to do ourselves (though I know people would have been willing to help). It ended up being not much more than doing it ourselves though and way less stress so overall it was absolutely worth it. 
The cake a friend of mine made and it was even better than I expected. I told her if possible I wanted to be able to put quotes from favorite books on it.... she delivered!!! 

Our wedding went so smoothly. Ridiculously smoothly. I can only contribute that to God's grace. There were so many people that stepped up willing to help and made everything flow perfectly. I did a lot of planning ahead of time too. Overall though it was just being willing to step back the day of and realize that whatever was going to happen was going to happen and to let it go. When I went to apply for my new social security card I was chatting with the attendant and he said his wedding was a nightmare because his wife was a bridezilla. I've just got to say... ladies... LET IT GO!!! It's one day... your marriage is a lifetime. Focus on that. I'm so blessed my wedding went off smoothly but I know not everyone's does. Even in the mess though if we learn to relax we can find the joy. At the end of the day, as long as you two are married... nothing else really matters... it's just icing on the cake... sometimes literally. ;) 
And here's some more pictures. 

Our wedding was truly the best day of Brian's and my life. Though I have no doubt that could change as we continue to enjoy life together. When our plane was taking off for our honeymoon I excitedly told Brian that this was going to be the best vacation of our life. And Brian said, "I don't think so, I hope it's just going to get better." 
What a glorious sentiment. When the pastor was speaking at our wedding he naturally likened our marriage to that of Christ and His church. When I think of that and what Brian said I realize that is exactly what we are like. At the beginning of our Christian life we are excited, intimidated perhaps but full of enthusiasm. There are hardships that come our way and our faith is tested but in the end we grow stronger and hold tighter to Christ. That is marriage. On our wedding day we were exited, intimidated a little but so full of joy and enthusiasm for our future. Sure there's little arguments (sometimes big) and our marriage is test but in the end we grow stronger, our love grows deeper and we hold tighter to each other while most importantly holding tighter to Christ. 
The analogy of Christ and His church that is so strongly presented in the Bible has so often been told to me and I've read it so often but I don't think I've ever really understood it until I married Brian. As we grow in our marriage I hope to understand it more and more. I'm still just a young married women... just two months... so I'm excited to see what God is going to teach me about Him through our marriage and I pray that Brian and I will continue to grow together and in Christ. 

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  1. That is amazing that you got to wear your grandmother's wedding dress. Its so elegant; I love the ruching. Was it 40's or 50's? My grandparents got married in '59, but they just had a civil service and chose to buy a house instead. My mom wants one of us to wear her dress. She has four unmarried daughters left (we're the Bennets), and I definitely don't want to, I think only one sister mentioned maybe wanting two.

    The type-writer thing is so cute. My sister has a type-writer but that sister is talking of elopement (we all were immediately around my other sister's wedding this April; she had an Up/Travel themed wedding).

    That is so cool about the music. I have some from The Inheritance that I may want to use (if I don't change my mind), and I had to do some sleuthing to even find it on CD, and sheet music might be impossible.

  2. Your dress is beautiful, and it's so fun that it's your grandmother's. I love all your bookish decorations. God's richest blessings on your marriage!


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