Tuesday, July 19, 2016

The Post I Don't Want to Write

I've felt this post coming on for the last few months actually. My blog has been horribly neglected and my reading has not fared much better. Without meaning to I've made both of them a chore. Especially for the last couple years I've assigned goals and challenges to myself for both blogging and reading. Those aren't necessarily bad but over time I've become more and more obsessed with keeping to deadlines and goals and I'm just not enjoying blogging or reading. I'm behind with my Goodreads yearly reading goal right now not to mention my other challenges and it's stressing me out way more than it should. The sad thing is that I'm more upset I'm not at my goal and not the fact that I've kind of given up reading. Reading is something I've enjoyed as long as I can remember and I'm ruining it for myself by assigning too much structure to it.
I'm not good at doing things by halves so I think to free myself up from this I'm deciding to just let go. If I happen to achieve my Goodreads goal or complete all of my challenges fine, but that's not what I'm reading for. I read for enjoyment or to better myself not because it's another task to complete.

There's another half to why my reading and blogging has been slacking recently though. I've let other things take priority that really shouldn't: Facebook, watching TV shows, ect. While those things aren't bad in it of themselves I've let them take precedence in my life a lot more than they should.

And then there's yet another half (yes I know that's three halves... just shhh!). This half isn't bad in fact I think it's good. I've developed a lot more of a social life in recent months. I actually do things with people now. ;) This has been really good for me as I've never had many friends and it's been great for me to develop good friendships. Most weeks now I have something every evening that I'm not working. This has left me with little free time and what free time I do have I've been filling with the aforementioned second half.

So what does this mean for my blog moving forward? Honestly I'm still not quite sure yet. I might blog I might not. Know though that I'm still reading y'alls blogs and trying to keep up as best I can. Also know that if I didn't reply to your comment I still read it. I can't help it.... I get emailed every time you do. I do appreciate everyone's comments so much and I really should reply more often then I do. I love blogging and I love reading and I'm not leaving either of them behind anytime soon. For now I'm just trying to free myself from the obligations I've imposed on myself with regards to them.
Thank you for your patience in reading this post and don't be a stranger! ;)

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  1. Hey, it's good that you're stepping back. I look forward to whatever the future holds for your blog. :)

  2. I can relate to this so much!

    Sometimes I feel like all the reading or even movie/tv show-watching I do is just to keep up with my goals and expand my knowledge for blogging purposes, rather than the sheer joy of reading and movies/tv shows. I'm also a little behind on my Goodreads challenge and blogging "obligations". It's even at the point where I feel guilty for spending time with my family or playing with my dog, because I feel like I should be reading. So I totally respect your opinion to step back a little. :) I've been thinking that next summer I want to focus more on having fun, relaxing and spending time praying and studying the Bible instead of waking up each morning with hours of goals and obligations.

    And I also *totally* get the social media distraction. I've wasted many an hour on Youtube videos or social media that could've been spent on something productive and even enjoyable.

    I hope you enjoy loosening your obligations and appreciating reading and blogging for what they are! Thank you for this post and the reminder that reading and blogger challenges shouldn't be a chore. :)

  3. Totally understand. Take care of yourself.

  4. I've stepped away from blogging a couple of times, either from lack of desire or life-busy-ness, or need to refocus myself. So don't delete your blog, cuz you might regret that later. But by all means, let it lie fallow for a while. You might come back, you might not, but I do recommend leaving your options open :-)

    See you around!

  5. I've felt this exact way. I just blog at my place if have something to say. Like if I don't want to forget a book, or feel like expressing. I was wondering how you found any joy in all those challenges. :)

  6. Good choice, Lois! I totally understand and I specifically second everything Hamlette already pointed out so eloquently. ;) Also, (even if you're not able to comment etc.) I'm so glad you'll still be popping in here, there and everywhere to check in from time to time. :) May God bless you richly!

  7. Good for you, Lois! I'm reevaluating some of the stuff in my life too, trying to find what's life giving versus life draining. It's never an easy choice to make when you think it might come down to cutting something, but if it's for your well-being and benefit, go for it. Whatever you ultimately decide is the best thing for you. :)

  8. I felt that my Goodreads Challenges were more a quantity over quality thing, so last year, I waited half the year before I set one, and I want to see if I can wait longer for this one (or until the end, so I can see how much I have read).
    I will never have nothing to say. I am one of those obnoxiously opinionated people; I never have a "what do I blog about" problem. But I do get tired of subjects quickly. So, what works for me is writing up many posts and then scheduling for a few months. That way I also don't feel that I am wasting time, but I can occasionally fit in an extra post when I feel like it or for a link-up. I actually find the blog world inspires me to do things sometimes, read and knit particularly.
    I got off of Facebook over a year ago, and one of the reasons was because I just wasted time on it. Everyone just really has to manage digital time spending for themselves, find what works best. For me, I realize that I just need to have no days with my computer or just decide to turn it off.

  9. What is most important is that you're having fun. Blogging and reading shouldn't be about pressure. It's awesome that you're allowing yourself to relax about it. Enjoy your life, whatever it may bring! :)


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