Saturday, June 15, 2013

Mid-Month Progress Report- June 2013

Well already half way through June! In some ways its been a little more relaxful but in other ways it hasn't slowed down a bit. So how are my resolutions going? Coming up, right below!

Read or Re-read at least 10 books

I'm doing alright with this. I read Jane Austen's two unfinished novels Sandition and The Watsons. I also started reading The Ultimate Proof of Creation and I am almost done with it. For re-reading, I don't know why, it must be my Tolkien geekiness shining through that certain people say doesn't exist yet (I apparently have to know the dying words of somebody in The Silmarillion), but anyways even though I re-read them at the beginning of the year, I am once again re-reading the Lord of the Rings. I already finished The Fellowship of the Ring and I am halfway through the Two Towers (I got halfway in one day too). I have also been listening to Pride and Prejudice on audiobook but I'm not going to count that unless I have to. So I've been reading quite a bit but still 10 books is a lofty goal so I'm going to have to keep up with that.

Exercise in some form at least 15 minutes a day

I have been doing it. Most days more than that but one day that was all I did just because I didn't want to mess up for my resolutions.

Stick to my diet

My more specific goal was to only have three cheat days this month and so far I've had but one. This month, because I felt like my weight was never going to drop again and that I was being too lenient with myself, I decided to not have any desserts, even if they would fit into my calorie goal. So I have passed up cinnamon rolls several times this week, which didn't make me happy. Next week, I'll probably take them back into the fold, but I'll still try and be more strict about them.

Cut down on my electronics time

Some, but not much.

Write at least five more blog posts this month

This is one I definitely need to work on. I have only written one about Greek Yogurt recipes and besides that... nada! 

Read through and study the book of Romans

I was doing really well on this at the beginning of the month but I think I got three chapters in and dwindled off. I'll be needing to pick that back up ASAP.

Work on my writing

I haven't written any outlines yet.... fail! However, I did write a little on one of my novels so I have been doing some.

Memorize some scripture

I was trying to figure out what on earth I was going to memorize, I wanted a plan you see and then at a meeting for VBS (I'm going to be a teacher! Pretty excited) it was suggested we memorize the verses that the children will be learning during the week of VBS. So now I know what I am going to memorize but besides looking at them, I haven't done anything else. So yeah.

Try at least three new recipes

I have tried three new recipes at least. I am trying to recall all that I made this month and not get them confused with those I made last month. First off, why did no one tell me about Chocolate Covered Katie (The Healthy Dessert Blog) before? Don't assume I know about all of the good food websites. Secondly, so far I've made a coffee cake for one in a mug, the yogurt biscuits and the egg salad featured in the Greek Yogurt Recipes post, and a really delicious creamy avocado pasta, which is like having guacamole on pasta pretty much. I should post the recipe so you all can enjoy it too. It was great! So that's four already and there are a ton from Chocolate Covered Katie I want to try as soon as my week of no desserts is up (i.e. Chocolate cake for one, and Reeses Peanut Butter Cup Baked Oatmeal... yum!). So apparently a goal of three recipes was an understatement. Well I have to go get dressed and get ready to make some MORE yogurt biscuits. Because I've been craving biscuits all week. :)

Lois Johnson, avid writer, tea drinker, and reader but first and foremost, avid Christian.

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