Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Life, Cleaning, Cooking and Reading (or the lack thereof)

It's been almost a month since I posted on the blog and I figure I'd better get at least one more blog post in before I pop this baby out so here's a little update on my life.
Most of my time right now is occupied in setting up the nursery and cleaning the house in preparation for our little Hobbit's arrival. The nursery is basically done.... just one more thing to hang up. I can't wait to share pictures! It's so perfectly Tolkien themed... I love it! I have freezer meals stashed away ready to go for those days when I have no time for anything but keeping the baby alive (I hear there will be a plethora of those). Everything is really pretty much ready to go yet I still feel so unprepared. The reality that it could be any day or a couple more weeks is nerve-wracking! So much about pregnancy and childbirth seems so up in the air it's hard to plan. We do the best we can though I suppose.
My reading life is suffering greatly as well. I'm trying to finish up The Pickwick Papers as I need to get going on The Way We Live Now for the Classics Club spin. I'm supposed to have it finished by the end of April for the challenge and I know I'll be quite busy in April so I'd like to at least get started on it. I'm still plugging away slowly but surely at War and Peace and I'm actually enjoying it more than I would have thought. I'm listening to the audiobook of The Mill on the Floss, which is quite long, but since I listen to it when doing dishes, cooking and cleaning I'm actually going through it fairly fast. Then of course I'm still inching my way through Mortification of Sin and God Is. Those non-fiction books always take longer. I am enjoying everything I'm reading but all of it is pretty heavy reading (The Pickwick Papers is a little lighter than the rest) so it's slower. I might need to give myself a break with something lighter here in not too long. Of course with having a baby soon I'm wondering how that is going to affect my reading life. One of my friends who just had a baby recently said that she's able to read while she nurses/pumps so I'm hopeful I'll still have some time. I know my priority will be my baby though and I'm grateful for that. The books will always be there but she won't be a baby for forever. I need to treasure every moment and I can't wait to!
So what's going on in y'all's lives?

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  1. Eeeee, it's so exciting! You will, in fact, have time to read once the baby comes, because you will be spending hours on the couch/bed nursing and holding. Be sure to have books *within reach* because you will feel kind of trapped sometimes! However, your brain will be so fried that you will probably not be able to manage anything very demanding (or physically heavy; stick with medium-sized paperbacks). Stock up on your favorite fluff and enjoy this time. <3

    1. A note on Mommy Brain: you will not lose your brain, but 90% of it will suddenly be given over to baby maintenance. Your brain will run on a continuous loop that goes:
      where is the baby?
      who is in charge of the baby?
      is the baby breathing? hungry? wet? unhappy?
      [10-second interval to do something else]
      where is the baby?...

      This is true at all times even if you are the person holding the baby at that exact moment.

  2. I read soooooooooooooooooooooooo much while nursing -- it was one of the best parts of having a baby! I had no choice but to sit down every couple of hours with a baby in my arms and a book in one of my hands. It's totally where my habit of having a book that I'm reading on both floors of my house came from -- that way, I always had something to read close by when the baby was hungry.

    Good times!

  3. I agree that you do have time once baby arrives. I couldn't read anything too serious or slow, though, or I would fall asleep. I discovered some great Christian fiction authors during this time which kept me going! :)

  4. Can't wait to meet your little hobbit!!! Thoughts and prayers and smiles and blessings <3 :D


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