Tuesday, July 17, 2012

My Newest Crochet Projects

     This last weekend was the 4-H Fashion Revue competition for my county where we displayed many different items including our crochet patterns.  Like the great procrastinator I am, I didn't start working on my planned four projects until a week prior.   However, I ended up with two hats, a little doll satchel for my sister's doll, and a pair of earrings.  I had another pair of earrings as well but I could only enter four items, not five (as somehow my brain convinced me was so).  I learned several new things with these projects such as, don't leave everything to last minute or else you have to crochet several hours straight and hurt your poor wrists, which probably is going to give me arthritis later on in my life.  I did have lots of fun though.  Several of my patterns I found via Crochet Pattern Central, a favorite website of mine when it comes to finding crochet patterns.  I also was blessed to find one of my hat patterns from a book I chanced upon while working at the library.  All in all it was a good year for crochet and while I am in the crochet mood I had better get started for next year as it promises to be more busy then this one.
My sister's doll with the little satchel I crocheted for it.

One of the hats I crocheted.
The brim on this one had a unique stitch called a linked treble crochet.

My crocheted earrings.
I have crocheted several earrings before but they all used crochet thread.
This pattern used three strands of sewing thread, which was interesting to work with (by interesting I mean difficult).

My other crocheted hat.
I am sorry you can only see the front of it in this picture but you can get the drift.

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