2017 Reading Challenges

Last year I had a "crisis of blogging and reading" and fell off the bandwagon with my reading challenges (read more about that HERE). While I did complete some of them I woefully fell behind.
This year I want to try again though I'll severely be lowering the bar and also decreasing the number of challenges I commit to. 
As with previous years I will be putting all of my challenge information on this page and add to it as I  sign up for more challenges.

Back to the Classics 2017 Reading Challenge

Hosted by Karen at Books and Chocolate and you can see more information HERE.
This is my fourth year signing up for this challenge and I've loved doing it every year. 
Here are the categories. Once again to compete in this challenge you don't need to complete all of the categories but the more you complete the more entries you will receive in the drawing at the end. I'll just be listing a few ideas for each category.
1. A 19th Century Classic- Adam Bede, The Mill on the Floss, Shirley
2. A 20th Century Classic- East of Eden
3. A classic by a woman author- Adam Bede, The Mill on the Floss, Shirley, Lark Rise to Candleford
4. A classic in translation- Crime and Punishment, Don Quixote
5. A classic published before 1800- The Epic of Gilgamesh
7. A Gothic or horror classic-
8. A classic with a number in the title- The 39 Steps
9. A classic about an animal or which includes the name of an animal in the title. Is an actual animal or a metaphor, or just the name- Tarzan of the Apes
10. A classic set in a place you'd like to visit- Merchant of Venice
11. An award-winning classic- Miracles on Maple Hill
12. A Russian Classic- War and Peace by Leo Tolstoy

Book Bingo

This is hosted on Goodreads and you can see more information HERE
Of course the goal with this challenge is to get a bingo. 

Outdo Yourself Reading Challenge 

Hosted by Everyday Gyaan and you can see more information HERE
The goal of this challenge is to read more books then you did the previous year. I want to try for the Out of Breath level which is 6-10 more books.

Series Ender Reading Challenge 

Hosted by Somewhere Only We Know and Words Fueled by Love and you can see more information HERE
I've done this challenge a couple years now and I love using it as a motivation to finish up series. In 2017 I want to finish the the Winfeather Saga finally! I don't know if I'll get to finish any other series but we'll see! That's the only one I'm planning on now so that means I'm going for level one which is finishing 1-5 series.

The Shelf Love Challenge

Hosted by Second Run Reviews and you can see more information HERE.
For this challenge I have to read books that are in my own personal library and obtained before January 1st of 2017. I'm going for the Give Your Shelves a Warm Friendly Hug level, which is 21-30 books off of my shelves. This is a step up from last year and I'm excited for the challenge!

Charity Reading Challenge

Hosted by Becky from Becky's Book Reviews and you can see more information HERE
  • My first goal for this challenge is to donate 10% of what I SPEND on books. 
  • My second goal for this challenge is to donate $1.00 for each book I READ. 
I'm not sure what this money will go to yet. It might go towards Operation Christmas Child, missionaries my church supports, the Ronald McDonald House or maybe to something else that pops up through the year. Every year it seems there is some crazy natural disaster so it could also go there.

Mount TBR Reading Challenge

Hosted by My Reader's Block and you can see more information HERE
This will be my third year participating in this challenge. My goal for 2017 is going to be the same as my previous two years' goals. Mount Vancouver! 36 books!

Audiobook Reading Challenge

Hosted by Book Dragon's Lair and you can see more information HERE
My goal is the Byte level which is 10 audiobooks. Maybe I'll get more done, you never know. With a longish commute to work I normally get some good audiobook listening in. 


  1. Welcome back to Mount TBR! Good luck with your 2017 challenges.

  2. Lots of great challenges! Thanks for joining Shelf Love again!
    Julie ~ Chapter Break

  3. Thanks for joining us again, Lois, in the 2017 Series Enders Reading Challenge! Good luck to you!

    Holly @ Words Fueled by Love

  4. Good luck with the Series Ender Challenge, I am trying to do it too. Level 1 for the win!

    Sam @ a thousand times over

  5. Hey...even one series ender is all you need! Thanks for joining the 2017 Series Enders Reading Challenge Lois! Good luck and happy reading!

    Sandy @ Somewhere Onyl We Know


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